May 1, 2019

May 1, 2019

Our weekly summer Outsider events begin this week.  Every week, an opportunity to step outside the church, together, to connect with our community.  Even though our events are fairly light and fun, they are actually an IMPORTANT opportunity for us to practice discipleship.

Here’s our REAL marching orders for this summer.  Take a minute and refresh yourself!

10 ways to be a blessing to people outside the church.

  • Welcomer:  Practicing hospitality inside the church
  • Listener: Paying attention to people’s needs in the community
  • Neighbor:  Knowing and relating to our actual neighbors.
  • Booster: Supporting specific groups in the community.
  • Ambassador: Letting people know who we represent (God and our Church)
  • Inviter:  Inviting people to events or to church.
  • Servant: Helping people through mission or service.
  • Witness:  Sharing how your life has been transformed by Christ/The Church, or standing up for Justice.
  • Partner:  Teaming up with those outside the church to accomplish something for the greater good.
  • Receiver:  Acknowledging and accepting the gifts and abilities of those outside the church.


Our next Outsiders event is Clean Mulvane, from 2-5pm on Saturday, May 11th, and it’s a chance to use ALL OF THESE!  We’re partnering with Carson Bank, the City of Mulvane, the Police Department, and Waste Link to offer an event for the whole city, right outside our church..

  • Bring up to 4 boxes of paper to be shredded.
  • Bring your old batteries to recycle.
  • Bring your bulk trash to be hauled (or get a voucher)
  • Bring your PET to get a bath!
  • Bring your family for a tour of the new police station, plus EMS/Fire in the parking lot.

On that Saturday we’ll need dog washers to sit out front of the church.  We’ll also need volunteers to direct people where to go.  (People should enter Prather down by the Pix).  This is truly a city-wide event, but it’s hard to get the word out, so this is a good time to be an INVITER.  Even forwarding this email spreads the word.


From Nazareth to Jerusalem is approximately 90 miles.  This week we begin a 4-week series called “Walking With Jesus”, where we’ll look at some different ways he walked the road of his ministry.

YOU have a role to play in this series.  For the next four Sundays you’ll find a little slip of paper in your bulletin, for you to write down how many miles you’ve walked/swam/run, etc. the past week.  We’ll tally them up and find out how many laps we make between Nazareth and Jerusalem each week.  WEAR YOUR TENNIS SHOES!


Visit and see our new website.  This blog will be updated there each week, too.  Grow/Go! signups were due by April 30.  YOU CAN STILL SIGNUP ONLINE!


Our mission team will be selling Thistle Farms products this Sunday.  Stop by to check out their Mother’s Day specials.  You can read more about this ministry in the links.
Christ is still risen!
Pastor Mitch

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5/11 Clean Mulvane Saturday, 2-5pm outside the church.

5/25 Saturday 9-11am (note time change).  Handing out American Flags for Memorial Day.  (We will probably gather at Dillons)

6/3 Monday 6pm Bunco at the Library

6/15 Saturday, Doc Sunback film festival.  Films run all day, but we’ll meet at the Pix at 6pm for the staff pix and awards.